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Visionbox Density

Supervise dynamically entrances in public and commercial context.

Maintain the programmed density.

Make them feel safe.

Visionbox Density check the entrances and the number of people in your places.
Ensure the safety of customers and workers.

You. Check entrances statistics directly on cloud.

Them. Independently check on the monitor when it is safe for them to access.

Density Sensor.

The 3D sensors count entrances and exits.

The information is transferred to the cloud for a quick check.

After being consulted, the data is deleted.
Privacy matters.

Density Module.

Visionbox Density enhances your Digital Signage and the security of your environments.

Publish on the monitors all the information your customers need to feel safe.

The module integrates
seamlessly with VisionPanel.


The Density module, through the data detected by the sensor, displays three different light to allow, limit or block the flow of people in places.

Admission allowed with high capacity available within the space

Admission allowed with limited capacity within the space

Entry not allowed because the maximum capacity of the space has been reached

Density Mobile.

Avoid not needed crowding outside your shop.

Your customers just need to frame the QR code on the monitor. This way they will always know in real time what is the people flow in the shop.

Wherever they are.
Just by glancing at the phone.

Density Dashboard.

It's easy to keep everything under control and monitor the situation.
Access the dashboard to get all the statistics you want.

Where to use it.

You can use Density in different situations.
Reception, offices, shop, canteen, break rooms, fast food.
And in many other places.

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