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Facial recognition

Show the right content to the right person. Collect statistics about who is watching your monitor.

Nothing is left to chance.

Face recognition detects gender, age, ethnicity, and mood.

Offer real-time content tailored to the viewer.

The avant-garde of Digital Signage.

Integrate VisionboxPro with a compatible webcam and activate Face Recognition module.

Show your customers only content they are really interested in.
Increase engagement. Increase sales.

And privacy?

The facial recognition system is 100% GDPR complaint.
No video is saved. Each user is assigned an anonymous numeric ID.

Demographic characteristics, store journeys, time spent in stores and minutes spent in front of the monitor will be the only information you will have access to.

Turn data into information. Improve customer experience.

We know how important data and, above all, information are.

The Face Recognition module allows you to aggregate data and generate insight-rich dashboards. This way you can intervene in a targeted manner to refine the customer experience.

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Digital shelf

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Eliminate Code

Manage files quickly and easily. Reduce waiting times. Leverage its marketing potential.

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People counting

Get data on the turnout of people in your store. Improve your customers' shopping experience.

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