VisionCare, the assistance

Enjoy an all-around assistance.
Always included in VisionboxPro plan.


Don’t know where to start?
We’ll explain it to you.

You will learn step by step how to configure and manage your system and its contents, so you can make the most of all the potential of VisionboxPro.
Training is always included. Whatever level of service you choose. * Plus, you can buy additional training hours directly inside your platform with TrainingCoin.
*number of hours varies according to the plan decided.

Help Desk.

Need a hand? We’re ready to help.

Our help desk is always ready to guide you to a solution. Write us an email and your request will be handled as soon as possible. During working hours, you can also rely on phone support.


We got this covered.

Your monitor network is monitored automatically and if something go wrong we will report it and help you find a solution.
Have you chosen an Enterprise plan? Our technicians manually check your monitors and totems network everyday to make sure everything works.

Visionbox LocalService

We intervene in person. In Italy and Europe.

A network of technicians specialized in the turnkey installation and maintenance of VisionboxPro. Charges for on-site interventions are clear and uniform in all locations.


Everything you need to know about VisionPanel.

It is our guide portal to learn tricks and secrets of VisionPanel, the control panel of VisionboxPro. So you can make the most of it.

Switch to


The control panel
of your VisionboxPro.

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The customized Mini PC plug & play
for VisionboxPro.

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Many features to integrate
with VisionboxPro.

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Perfect in every place.

Learn how you can use Digital Signage to transform your business.

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case studies

In practice?

Take a look at the projects of those who are already our customers. Perfect examples.

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