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Digital Shelf.

Same space. More products.

Store surface: 85 sqm.
Exhibition area: endless.

Manage your store spaces in a smart way with Visionbox Digital Shelf.

Create a catalog of products that can be viewed via monitor and totem touch screen.

Expand your exposure.
Make your shopping experience unique.

This experience allows you to create endless categories of products on virtual shelves.
The user can see product details simply by touching it and can find countless information, images, and videos about it.

Optimize your time management.

Thanks to the digital shelf, the customer will get all the information he needs. In this way, sales staff can dedicate their time to other core activities.

Everything that matters in one place.

You’ll have a dedicated control panel where you can upload products, enrich them with content and view statistics.

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Facial recognition

Show the right content to the right person. Collect statistics about who is watching the monitor. Improve the shopping experience.

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Line manager

Manage files quickly and easily. Reduce waiting times. Leverage its marketing potential.

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People counting

Get data on the turnout of people in your store. Improve your customers' shopping experience.

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